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dden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. stuart: here it is. the highlight reel. more are supporting their adult children and aging parents at the same time. >> how can they get ahead when they do not have the economy and the jobs and the opportunities. >> it is utterly wrong. >> i think this is her rent this. >> it is an honor for me to help out my mother. >> everyone just piles into one house because nobody can afford their own things. stuart: any last comments on the sandwich generation?
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>> it was like we were in the 40s and 50s. stuart: our time is up. dagen and connell, it is yours. dagen: thank you, stuart. i am dagen mcdowell. connell: i am connell mcshane. the economy when it negative. private-sector job growth offering some hope for the road ahead. connell: you only see this on the fox business network. elizabeth macdonald ringing exclusive video showing us how hospitals are putting money before patients. dagen: research in motion rolling out the blackberry ten. a band-aid for a gaping head
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wound. connell: i love name changes. dagen: let's go to nicole petallides at the stock exchange. good morning. nicole: let's talk about the markets. the dow is down about 14 points right now. we have had the dow not too far off of 14,000. there are five year highs that we are sitting at. the dollar had broken through. you have seen the euro at 13 month highs. with this environment, you are seeing gold up $20. this is the market taking a breather. it does not surprise people on wall street. let's take a look at chesapeake energy. we know that the ceo will be stepping down on april 1. there it is. up 5.5%.
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what is the potential going forward? it is what you should continue to follow. back to you before thank you, nicole. contracted for the first time in years. peter, good to see you. the ten year treasury yield is about 10%. the markets barely selling off. what do you say? >> they need to worry. it is interesting that the last quarter of the avant-garde is the weakest of his presidency. it shows me that the temporary euphoria of the stimulus is holding off.
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i think the fed is getting ready to up the dosage of the stimulus. interest rates are rising despite this it the dollar is tanking. if it was not for the japanese yen, imagine how low the dollar would be. i think it will break down a lot. look at oil prices knocking on the door at $100 a barrel. more people will realize that the economy is in a lot worse shape than they thought. dagen: why are not yield going up? >> yields are going up. dagen: that is what i am saying. why are people selling treasury bonds if they are worried about the economy? they are not. they are feeling more comfortable with it.
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>> no. i think that they are worried. the european situation is now defusing. a lot of money was fleeing the euro. now it is going back to the euro zone. more people are starting to recognize that the dollar is going to lose value. why would you want to own treasuries if the dollar is going down. meanwhile, a lot of foreign markets are doing better than the u.s. look at southeast asia. i do not think people need to necessarily be in usa stocks. you need to look abroad. dagen: you are talking about the federal reserve. do you worry about the federal reserve? suddenly we have a decision later on this afternoon. >> they should pull the plug on
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the stimulus. we need higher interest rates. we need to have a real restructuring. we need to have a real recession so we can have a real recovery. until we have an all out dollar crisis, until we have a sovereign debt crisis, they will keep the presses rolling. they do not want people sobering up for the reality that the problems are now worse than they were in 2008. everything that the fed has done has helped to make the problem worse. it has prevented the economy from restructuring. instead, we have the illusion of a recovery. that illusion has faded. dagen: i like allusions. tell me i look good any day of the week. be well, peter. >> that would not be an allusion. dagen: thank you. speech. word coming in on herbalife. the stock is getting hammered this morning.
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charlie: when i first started reporting this, the stock was down 8%. now it is down almost 10%. here is what we know, guys, bottom line is that investors and herbalife have been pounding the company demanding a more aggressive buyback program. they have $1 billion worth of buyback authority. they have been in the market line back shares. they're telling the fox business network that they believe they are in a long battle. they just do not want to do it all at once. they think they will be fighting this out for years.
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backman shorted them saying both companies were reportedly fraud. he did not cash in until 2008. they know that they are an able battle and that is what they are saying. it is doing it in a less aggressive approach right now at least. on our report, as we already pointed out, the stock is down 10%. they may do it. they may be in the market later on today. this is what we know right now. they are in a market. they are in a very slow. the stock is getting pounded. connell: carly -- charlie
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gasparino. time to make money with charles payne now. he is following up with one of his favorites. 3d printing. charles: a lot of shorts said they would pile up on it. he is not giving up. if you traded this bad boy, the trade is already out. i almost feel guilty doing this one. i will not do the 2:00 o'clock it today. do not tell them. 3d printing. first of all, you know what, i am surprised more people do not talk about this. they are talking about eventually being able to print out and airplane. you can eventually print it out. i think it is good for a trade. it is not a value play at all.
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pe 39. eight times dagen: hd tv almost gave me a coronary. [ laughter ] dagen: you only see this right here on the fox business network. scores of video showing how hospitals are now putting money before patients in the wake of obamacare. connell: the warm temperatures connell: the warm temperatures in the twins. i didn't see them coming.
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connell: we are back with another fox business exclusive. dagen: elizabeth macdonald has
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covered this story for us. >> this is an morristown, new jersey. here it is. ♪ ♪ as long as we follow the policy ♪ ♪ set down by medicare ♪ >> here is what is going on, these are doctor and hospital networks that are providing patient care. they have to adhere to certain federal quality and cost controls. a doctor explaining what is going on. the award doctors, medical workers for doing less patient
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care. it is totally opposite of what the president wanted. the less patients that are admitted à la the more government medicare money there is. is the future of health reform. it is about managing your own illness at home. if you get readmitted, the hospitals could get fined. it turned doctors into nine to five shift workers. the hospital is talking to fox business. they say it is a fun spoof. there is seriousness under the video. certainly not met as a mockery. working together and taking
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partnerships. connell: good acting, though, i guess. dagen: picking "looking for love in all the wrong places." thank you, liz. quarter past the hour. stocks now. amazon surprising investors. in a good way, i hope. nicole: let's take a look. it is up 5.5%. one thing that they noted is revenue 22% during the crucial holiday selling season. they spent a lot on warehouses and new products. though growth margin expansion is what really surprised the experts on wall street. let's also take a look at facebook. facebook that 31.33.
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it certainly has had a nice run up. now we are talking about mobile ad revenue. dagen: johnny lee sang that song on the soundtrack. connell: we are all on the same page today. the group claiming responsibility for their cyber attacks on big u.s. banks. pretty big story here. they now plan to back off a little bit for a while. dagen: research in motion no more. the company changing its name to blackberry. we take a look at the new blackberry and how the dollar is holding up. look, almost $1.36 on the euro. that is dollar weakness. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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dagen: mother nature not make up her mind. the temperature in our nations capital is supposed to get up to 70 degrees today. connell: it is in new york here today. a completely different story in other areas of the country. >> wild weather today. actually, very dangerous in some places. i want to show you some high temperature records that were set yesterday. in chicago, we reached a high temperature of 63 degrees. 90 degrees in texas. topeka, kansas, we saw a high of 70 degrees. the sharp contrast between temperatures, the warm air, the cold air is fueling the weather today. it has reportedly also already killed someone.
11:24 am
flash flooding is even a concern. a very widespread area that we are looking out for the possibility of severe weather. we had a number of watches and effect. the most serious warning is tornado warnings. we do have one right now and affect to the north and west of the city of atlanta. law enforcement reported a funnel cloud. one of those clouds did form but did not touch the ground. connell: maria, thank you. different subject now with cyber war and the banking industry. the cyber fighters are now claiming to have halted the
11:25 am
attacks after a controversial deal was removed from youtube. the idea that these attacks have been halted, supposedly, what do you make of it? >> obviously, a pause is always welcome. these can be and are relentless. this is an unusually new world that we are in. we have somebody behind a computer, state-sponsored individual just to make mischief that can literally do not access to financial institutions around the world and even go deeper the more sophisticated they become. that is, of course, sophisticated, state-sponsored terrorism. who knows. there are others out there that mean us real harm.
11:26 am
connell: you talk to law enforcement people about it. m baker, the former cia guy that we have all the time, this cyber warfare, this is the thing that you really have to watch out for. is there any direct involvement? >> we are at the leading edge of the technology application. obviously, partnering with individuals in the private and government sector to be ahead of the curve, know what is going on and respond accordingly. the private sector, i think, has its act together. we met last week with two of our major ceos who have expertise in this area. the president appointed the vice president as the person to coordinate all of these various
11:27 am
agencies report to somebody else, when the president says here is what you do, people say, yes, sir. we need that here. connell: you are not getting enough leadership is the point. >> we are getting good partnership, what we need is leadership. to do it like we did it in the drug war makes more sense. have the president appoint someone. we have an opportunity for the private sector without too many top-secret people. connell: thank you, as always, governor. >> thank you, connell. dagen: showing some strength in hiring for january. we will let you know is this good news will keep on coming. connell: research in motion will now be known only as blackberry.
11:28 am
perhaps more importantly, a new phone, blackberry ten. first, some winners on the s&p 500. ♪
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dagen: the blackberry ten is out. research in motion changes its name. will any of this stop the bleeding? boeing out with earnings as it starts to sort out the problems with its 787.
11:32 am
some concerns about manufacturing. what does it all mean for this friday's jobs report and the state of the country? connell: let's go to nicole petallides now. bottom of the hour and stocks now. nicole: should i go with blackberry or research in motion i can show you that intraday move that we have seen all blackberry, research in motion, today. it traded as high as $16.62. that was a gain of more than 5%. then it dropped off big time. down 7% on this announcement. the price point is between 149 and 199. stock sells off in the meantime. dagen: unveiling the new blackberry at a big event this
11:33 am
morning. alicia keys was there. she is a new creative director. so much to tell you about it. connell: shibani joshi is that the big event. shibani: we are with a president of apple go. we are talking about the big blackberry launch. a couple of new phones coming out. not sure when we will get them. the price point is $149. some of the other features we know, it weighs about 4.8 ounces. it has 70,000 apps. that is something you know a little bit about. you develop apps. what were your thoughts today? >> i think this is a very
11:34 am
defining moment for bob kerrey. this was a crucial want that they needed to do. developers will be able to use web technology. shibani: this is an important day for research in motion and blackberry because so many people have left it. they loved to find options that would satisfy a more playful experience. >> they were announcing some marquee names of app makers. shibani: "wall street journal," the kindle, "new york times" and many, any more.
11:35 am
>> it will be a very critical to them. shibani: what is the word on the street? has blackberry been able to do that? >> i think it will come down to a lot of what they will be able to do now with their marketing. what kind of sales numbers they will start to show. the developing community is smart and about more mature than they were years ago. they will look at the statistics. nicole: it is not the finish line, but the starting point for the company. it has only just begun for blackberry. many people betting on it. the stock today is not betting on it. it is actually down today. thank you very much for joining us. back to you guys. dagen: they do, shibani.
11:36 am
connell: great guy. interesting stuff. knowing reporting -- boeing reporting better numbers than expected. dagen: they have no plans in changing the production schedule of the boeing 787. dan springer is live with this story. >> they are downplaying the latest reports about the battery. we can now confirm that our coupon airways, the largest customer, had replaced ten. in half the cases, the battery showed low charge in the meantime, they are reporting at least 100 bit lighter batteries have failed in some way and had
11:37 am
to be replaced by the manufacturer. many of the batteries had run down so far that a low-voltage cut off was activated. this is now part of the overall investigation of the dreamliner issues. we still do not know what caused these two batteries to overheat. we have to dig deeper. it has been two weeks since they grounded the 787 fleet. now the military is adding their expertise. it is happening in maryland. the longer this drags on, the worse it gets for boeing. they will not deliver any more until the grounding is lifted. boeing recently stepped up its
11:38 am
production. it is double the current pace. the top, the company is in good position. fourth-quarter earnings beating expectations. it also has $13 billion cash on hand. dagen: well said, then. thank you for that. dan springer reporting for us from seattle. connell: we have had news on private hiring that may give us some hope. dagen: just call it unconstitutional. that is right. you can guess who our guest is coming up. the judge. andrew napolitano talks to us about the tax that taxpayers are staring at after the big bank bailout. take a look at how the guild on the ten year is doing today. the market is flat, but the surgery yield is back above 2%. the
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local [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all onhinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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[ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quiteossibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> i am lori laughlin with your
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fox business brief. the latest policy meeting is underway. they will stick with its plan of holding interest rates near zero. the unemployment rate falls to a level of 6.5%. fox business will have full coverage when it is released at 2:15 p.m. eastern. shares getting a boost after fourth-quarter results topped expectations. they reported a profit -- nordstrom did offer a cautious outlook for this year. the president treasury secretary nominee is making the rounds on capitol hill today. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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dagen: 192,000 jobs were added by private businesses last
11:43 am
month. most of those gains coming from small businesses with fewer than 49 employees. connell: looking good before the report on friday. is it good? should we be encouraged? >> there is a lot of good news in that report. if you look at the good news first, it is great to see a lot of these jobs being created are in the small businesses. we need that to be a growth engine for us. on the flipside of that, what is concerning is this report showed us that the large employers, companies that have 1000 employees or more really held back. they were cautious. that is a little concerning. dagen: we recovered from the recession to more permanent
11:44 am
positions. >> i think there has been a lot of that transition. companies are still hiring temporary contractors to have the flexibility in their workforce. those jobs are still out there. it is a great way for people who are also trying to get a foot in the door. definitely lots of opportunities in the temporary sector. connell: not so strong in manufacturing at least. >> manufacturing continues to be a concern. we need that sector to really create jobs. there was a tremendous amount of jobs lost in that area. manufacturing and construction. those are two sectors to watch for on friday. dagen: you have seen housing, though, come back in the biggest
11:45 am
way. particularly in florida. phoenix is this publishes market at this point. i wonder if we are not underestimating the boost we may get from construction jobs. >> there will be a boom in construction and retail because of hurricane sandy. there are some good signs in housing. the new construction and, you know, prices look to be coming up a little bit. hopefully there is a good sign there. really, it is a combination of all of these things happening to gather. there are still some concerns out there. on the flipside, there are a lot of jobs out there. they are having difficulties
11:46 am
getting those positions filled. it is an interesting job market. you really have to look at the details of it. connell: thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. dagen: she does a great job of explaining that entire immigration report. i listened to every word. connell: that is what i said. exactly right. dagen: big movers, nicole. good or bad? nicole: you have a name like amazon that came out with numbers surprising wall street. up 6.5%. google with their new youtube idea. yum brands but that is taco bell
11:47 am
and kentucky fried chicken downgraded over at bernstein today. boeing making it through despite all of the problems with the dreamliner. research in motion, it started off good, now it is bad. of over 5% this morning and then it's release and it is down 7.5%. let's take a look at the markets. the dow is virtually flat. down two points bright now. dagen: straight from the bench. when you lie down with dogs, you end up with fleas. his take on the rising cost of tarp. connell: dogs and fleas and everything else. before we get to that, let's take a look at some of the individual winners that we are seeing today on the nasdaq.
11:48 am
we will be right back. ♪
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connell: these numbers are something else. u.s. taxpayers, meaning all of you, stand to lose $27 billion from the bailout. dagen: judge andrew napolitano is upset about this. he should be. not just because it is unconstitutional. you bail them out once, people will keep coming back.
11:52 am
>> when the government establishes an artificial security blanket, then people expect the blanket to be there in the future. would any of us have invested in solyndra the way the government invested a half billion of our cars in -- a half billion of hours in solyndra. it creates this artificial safety net. it creates this artificial cash flow. when the safety net is gone, the political times change in the cash flow is gone. the business finds it is over investing and it collapses. it was easy to predict that this would happen. many did predict that it would happen. connell: one of the specific arguments that has been made was made to us by the former tarp inspector general.
11:53 am
he was in here saying that the bailout was necessary. the execution was where he saw problems. >> i disagree from a constitutional and a free-market degree. there were no controls over the manner in which the money was spent. the bailout to aig, whispered in that year of aig. you all goldman sachs $13 billion. make sure you pay that bill. now, how did they decide which of mark when a contractor borrows cash to construct a building and it's one of those loans that comes in as a
11:54 am
contractor needs the cash. there are more controls than from the bank. [talking over each other] dagen: judge, our bailout as a country did not start with that bank bailout. when did it start? the people who choose to buy this get very cheap insurance. we are subsidizing these people to live in areas that are flood prone. >> you will not see this in the movie "lincoln." abraham lincoln subsidized railroads. he subsidized them with free land. it goes back at least to the civil war era.
11:55 am
to your point about flood insurance is a great interval. when the federal government took over flood insurance, it made it so cheap that insurance companies could not compete with it. they will only sell you $250,000 worth of flood insurance. connell: always great. thank you so much. dagen: he can get me fired up like that. markets are gearing up for the federal decision in a little more than two hours and 20 minutes from now. connell: let's go to sandra smith with the trait now. >> the trade is remarkable. the stock market is pretty much flat. we are looking at gold of $20.
11:56 am
the mix is slightly higher. marco joins me now. you manage funds for some larger clients, internationally and here at home. we know that the fed may do what everyone is expecting this afternoon, but what do you think the fed should do this afternoon? >> they need to find an exit strategy from the qe. they made it very clear last meeting. right now they need to target inflation and be careful with what will happen with the liquidity in the markets. sandra: how do you expect markets to react to the fed this afternoon? >> i think the expectation would be negative. they are all and messaging liquidity here in the united
11:57 am
states. the fed will probably be conservative. guys, there is somewhat of an expectation for a short-term selloff following the fed's announcement this afternoon. we shall see. the markets certainly argue rob. dagen: thank you, sandra smith. connell: reporting to an all-time high. dagen: dennis and cheryl are coming up next. ♪ nts trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade.
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12:01 pm
dow 15,000 as around the corner. matt vetto ahead on all of this. dennis: the blackberry 10 finally arrives but will it be dead on arrival, rear introducing the latest smart phone at events worldwide. an important tech analyst ahead says sell that stock now. cheryl: diagnosis trouble. fox business exclusively will not believe. liz macdonald as an employee mocking obamacare. dennis: stocks every 15 minutes, nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. >> many times we go over the in change the line. 50 times are 60 times, not unusual a particularly in this environment we are in where we have been pushing new highs, higher lows, ala of traders said market is over volume, they're just fine with that, good news
12:02 pm
that people have been bearish and waiting for a pullback, ticketing nasdaq composite is up with the dow and s&p going down, herbal light hitting a low at one point, the low of the trading day at $34.70 at 11:00 a.m. with charlie gasparino talking about the fact the company is talking about aggressive buy backs, down 7% and coming of of the lows of the day. however it remains a name in focus. we heard about carl icahn and aggressive buy backs. we will continue to follow. cheryl: a lot of good stories happening today. then you have the overall market, the dow very close to the 14,000 mark, 14,952. we haven't been here since october of 2007, 14,016. citigroup is offering a very bullish outlook for the entire year ahead. the banking giant forecast the dow is going to surpass the
12:03 pm
15,000 mark this year. joining me to give us market insight, matt vetto. is cyclos on money? >> don't think that is a stretch. the market is a good place to be over the next two years. if you look at everyone hiding in bonds and catch, that psychology coming back to the equity market and feeling comfortable owning equities just getting started. cheryl: the second week of january i ask about inflows inequity. bond market people are just walking away, you are saying the same thing, forget the bond market. >> there is no upside to be had. on your looking at is if rates go higher you are hurt in the bond market. cheryl: the dow in january, looking at one month chart, gate 6% for the dow, pretty substantial gain on a percentage basis, s&p, 5.7% gain, i you getting nervous or have ourselves? >> almost any year you have a
12:04 pm
pullback, a crash of 10%, but if you are an investor is a mistake to keep out of the market because the ability to identify when that will happen and when it will be over and what will cause it is hard to do. you want to be there and on the train, the train will be moving and you want to get the best seat. cheryl: i want to get some picks with you. 45 points away, we are watching those but if you look at the fourth quarter earnings per share forecast of the s&p 500, gain of 4.5% depending on whose data you look at. do you feel good about earnings? >> fourth quarter is interesting because everybody throws in the kitchen sink and sen low expectations for the next year to hopefully outperform expectations all year long so there's gamesmanship that goes into it but the economy on a global basis is picking up steam, has its ups and downs but steadily improving. cheryl: not worried about the gdp number, a bit of a surprise. >> it was the law came from government spending still lots of private sector did better and
12:05 pm
we might agree less government spending is okay. cheryl: let's talk about the energy sector. we saw several big energy companies hit new 52 week highs, marathon hit a big number for their earnings, noble energy, is that one of the sectors you're keeping your eye on? >> we are under energy at the moment, crude is up $97, there is a lot of supply. the demand should be pretty good but there's a lot of supply on the market. cheryl: let's talk about you have been a good friend of the show years, always like the mastercard and american express, are you sticking behind those stocks? >> absolutely. >> we don't know. >> for the next couple years you don't need an up growth if you want to perform the market, you want to be defended and unstable than telekom and big dividend players, the economy and market starts to get going again, enough growth and things like electronic payments is an area
12:06 pm
where you have a steady tailwind of growth year after year. cheryl: look for the growth and dividend players were hot last year but it is growth. cheryl: that is good to hear. matt vetto, thank you very much. thanks. dennis: blackberry's last stand, rim unveiling the blackberry 10 operating system and smart phone this morning, big events around the world and joining us from the blackberry in downtown new york, senior tech analyst collin gillis of the ec partners. i am wondering, some pretty good reviews and is it too much of a change? walt mossburg and the journal will say you won't even recognize it based on the old blackberry? >> that is right. the good news is this is a nice product. when you hold the phone it feels nice, the operating system is fluid but the bad news is it is
12:07 pm
a brand new platform and also not even available for sale in the united states until march. dennis: that is a surprise. go ahead. >> the other part is the pricing, the $5.99 price point on a subsidized basis compares when you are a consumer you can maybe go out and purchase the google nexus iv, the latest flagship android phone unsubsidized google for $2.99, half the price. is not available until march ended expensive. dennis: this was the $140 stock in the last five years, blackberry at $70 two years ago from $15 but yet you say we should get rid of it. >> unfortunately there will be a fair number of people who will want this new phone but in order for them to reach volume units that they need to make a nice
12:08 pm
possible business, this phone will not get them there. the other area of concern is the physical keyboard is the one feature blackberry users really like. if you look at the phone that came out today, what is hitting the market first, available in the united states, few can has the keyboard, that won't be coming out until april. dennis: and yet blackberry users do law that. i was a thumb blackberry users and hated that i phone keyboard that was so hard to use. some reviews in a virtual keyboard with no physical keys, blackberry is the best they have seen, better than the i phone and yet the question is whether blackberry users even want that. >> we will have to seek how those devices receive them in the marketplace. it is a nice product. they have -- they understand keyboard is one of the four function that users expect from them so they have done a nice job looking at these types but
12:09 pm
unfortunately, this is a brand new platform and it is difficult for a new platform to get traction in the marketplace. it is a dog fight for the number three spot, apple, google's android and microsoft for their windows 8 or research in motion with their blackberry, we will see how it works. dennis: that is a big key feature, and maybe $70,000 compared with 800,000 for apple and android. is the company overall too late for this? they are only now changing their name from rhythm to blackberry which seems a little late. >> the smart phone market is one of the most lucrative in the world. everybody wants to have a smart phone and many people carry two of them. it is more popular than pcs but one of the fastest changing industries. if you want to compete against apple and google and microsoft
12:10 pm
it is a tough road. dennis: thank you very much, colin gillis of b g c partners. cheryl: a fox business exclusive at the medical world races for obamacare exclusive video showing how hospitals are putting money before patient care. dennis: you only see on fox business, liz macdonald broke this story and joins us with the bottom line. liz: they are calling this the video a spoof. here is the spoof video. we will show it to you live right now. here is. ♪ ♪ cheryl: it is a key cornerstone
12:11 pm
of health reform found one for accountable care organization. these are networks of doctors and hospitals who have to enact quality and cost controls under federal standards in order to adhere to medicare rules under health reform so what we are seeing is doctors at the hospital talking to fox business, it is a negative impact from this cornerstone of health reform, saying essentially rewards doctors and medical workers for doing less care, decreases access to care, totally opposite of what president obama wants which was increased access to care in health reform and here's the math, the less patients admitted the less exams tests, the more government money there is for the hospital and the doctors. the hospital is responding to fox business, essentials lease saying this is the fun spoof, about preventing readmission as you saw in the video, not meant as a mockery but it is about
12:12 pm
partnership, taking better care of patients. to update the story just got off the phone a few minutes ago with dr. david schultz who runs the hospital, saying the media taking out a contest, the laptops being given now to the staffers were for health information exchanges, all getting laptops for that. the money is changing shares of this, look at this detail that the a ceo gets half of the cost savings and guess who gets the other half? the federal government. this is the face of the future of health care, about managing your ellis at home, physicians' assistants and nurses and baby boomers in bed at home, that might be a good thing that you want to be readmitted if you are very sick, that is what doctors are telling us and if you see the flowering of a patients that is key to the problem with this video and also we are seeing medicare is going to outstrip the cost of the defense budget in about two years. it will be the second most expensive federal budget line item. dennis: and ends of stirring fears that something will happen.
12:13 pm
thanks a lot, liz macdonald. cheryl: economic news mixed as the jobs report beat estimates for the big miss in gdp today, one of our favorite economist. dennis: speaking of jobs or lack of them, more heads role at cnn as ratings decline. details in the medium and on what is next for the cable network. cheryl: the commercials you are talking about long after the super bowl is over. the chief marketing officer for frito-lay, part of pepsico will be here with a sneak peek. dennis: as we do every day at this time, look at oil. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
12:14 pm
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12:16 pm
cheryl: 15 past the hour, stocks every 15 minutes, team coverage with markets, sandra at the cme with how to make money on the
12:17 pm
best decision in two hours. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange, a couple more points to the downside. 14,000. nicole: we have the 10,000, remember that? we went through with the second time. the 14,000 is ready because most of the traders i speak with do think we will hit dow 14,000 at some point. if you look at january, does back to 83% of the cases, were suspected findings since 1950 so we had a good january thus far, the s&p pulling back and that -- the nasdaq and the dow down 11 points. at this moment hewlett-packard, dupont, exxon under pressure but you do have names like boeing, verizon and intel doing well. backing out of crude imports at u.s. gulf coast refineries and this is in favor of u.s. production so they are considering options for california refineries. as a result take a look at those, 66, up 3% right now for
12:18 pm
this energy company. looking pretty good right now for that particular company. that is the latest on the floor of the stock exchange. sandra smith in chicago. sandra: the stock market is flat after the shock of the gdp numbers this morning, commodities markets are surging in today's session as the u.s. dollar is that a 14 month low races but eurocurrency giving a boost to wall those big raw materials. right now you're top gainer, silver prices skyrocketing, gasoline on the rise along with oil prices, soybeans, natural gas, copper prices biking, looking at gold headed for its biggest weekly gain in two weeks or biggest daily gain in two weeks, also looking at oil prices. we have been watching oil prices closing $97 yesterday for the first time in four months. they're continuing their gains all about flat on the session. a lot of traders watching the fed for reaction in the oil
12:19 pm
market. copper prices a direct reflection of what is expected from the fed this afternoon. bond buying program continues. that could stimulate the economy. copper prices hitting a four week high. traders are in wait and see mode this afternoon. dennis: thanks very much, sandra smith. snow in the midwest after a record highs and forecast of 75 degrees in washington d.c.. we will have more on this wacky weather next. cheryl: talk of tougher gun laws bringing down video-game stocks. we will get that battered sector coming the. dennis: how the world's currencies are faring against the u.s. dollar. twins. i didn't see them coming.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
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12:23 pm
>> 22 minutes past the hour, your fox news minute. police and swat teams and negotiators, a world property in alabama. demand there is believed to be holding a 6-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. authorities say the man adopted -- of that the boy from a school bus after shooting and killing the bus driver. the driver refused to let the child off of the bus.
12:24 pm
for rather than a congress woman gabriel difference opened a senate hearing on gun control. is survived a tucson match shooting in 2011 that we must use something, it will be hard the the time is now. wayne lapierre expressing report for better enforcement of existing gun laws. wild weather has streaked across the country today. georgia is facing falling, rain, high wind and tornadoes as well. those are your headlines. dennis: electronic arts reporting earnings after the bell today. they are expected to disappoint. one reason may be new action on gun control. with more let's bring in eric handler. the consensus expectations are made the earnings fall by roughly half to $185 million, revenue down 25% or so to
12:25 pm
$1.3 billion. where are you in your estimates? are you lower? >> i'm in the mid deck of the guidance range looking for revenue to fall 22%, eps down 46% to $0.54. on an absolute basis it is a pretty weak year, difficult to get a successful title, battlefield plus a couple titles this holiday season that severely disappointed but on a relative basis relative to wall street expectations everyone is expecting a really bad quarter. goods are dropping 30%, but we have a little upside from the digital side, digital expectation in order to meet consensus numbers only need to go up 11% and this is a business that is growing 50% last several quarters. dennis: should we buy this stock before it comes out today? you going to buy the stock? >> i am neutral on the stock. i have serious long-term
12:26 pm
concerns about this company. they have made a lot of bad acquisitions this council cycle. i do think i wouldn't be surprised if you do see a little bit of upside surprise on the number and a little bit of short squeeze, you have a 12 hunt -- 12 month high shortage on interest so the stock could work in the short term but i have longer-term issues with his company. dennis: longer-term issues, this video game thing, but gun-control because of the shootings in connecticut, how much stock to you put into that theory that this is hurting video-game sales? >> i don't think it will have a long-term impact on video-game sales and the overall market. there was a knee-jerk reaction in the market when the newtown tragedy occurred, stocks made that up since then. i think videogames are an easy target to small business than going after the hollywood tv studios and movie studios. video games can be violent but
12:27 pm
video games also have ratings systems in place like movies do and they are very much and force in stores and games like call of duty and a low, you have to be a breaking to purchase them. dennis: it turns out their games, they are not guns but games. beginning to wonder with e a when the we start blaming management for their problems? the shoe industry is shifting from game consoles to online and that is hard for incumbents but you have a benefit that they did this middle of war war fighter that got trashed in reviews, nowhere near as good as call of duty, they ran late on the nba game that could come out in time for the nba season because of quality problems. what do you think? >> i completely agree. the biggest issue is the company has spent multiple billions of dollars on acquisitions this whole consul's cycle. they spent a lot of money trying to be ahead of the curve and they have taken on impairment charges on every single
12:28 pm
acquisition they have made. the star wars m m o is disappointing. the most from mind games. the pop capped acquisition, already taken asset impairment charges there. i am not a big fan of the casual business. there is very low barriers to entry airtran it is a highly competitive market at a low price. i don't see the good return. i prepare the consul market. the consul market there has been a lot of carnage because of online play but what we are left with is fewer companies with bigger titles and those big must have titles are generating greater profits than they have ever done before. dennis: for a guy who is neutral on the stock you sound optimistic on the sector and even on this stock. go ahead and take a stance. thanks for being with us. eric handler. >> thank you very much. cheryl: the white house blaming hurricanes and the for the shrinking economy. we're going to ask any economist if they are right.
12:29 pm
dennis: why you may have more money in your pocket than the treasury of the african nation of zimbabwe. cheryl: we have a preview. fun stuff. frito-lay super bowl ads, the company's c m 0 is coming up but first as we go to break take a look at the winners over on the s&p. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
12:30 pm
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12:33 pm
blackberry on the very same name january 30 that they launched the blackberry 10. we have been waiting for this. i wanted to take a look at the stocks, you saw the intraday chart starting to the upside. now down 7%, and there is a look overtime for one month chart. they released two mack blackberries. a keyboard and a touchscreen version. about 18 months for this blackberry release today and will continue to follow it but right now selling off quite dramatically. dennis: thank you, nicole. the economy is contracting. display numbers showing the economy shrank in 2012, was opposed to rise 1.1%. joining us, jeffrey's chief economist. thank you for being with us re.
12:34 pm
>> if anything, sandy contributed to q4 growth. consumer spending of 2.2% overall. durable goods spending like spending on durable goods like all meals up -- automobiles up. we had pretty good car sales over the fourth quarter. some of that was due to replacement sales of sandy. i don't know what you can look at in this data. dennis: do you believe this number? i was shocked to see an actual decline in gdp, do you think it will be revised upward to a positive? >> it could be revised to a small positive but the best way to look at the second half of last year is to average the third and fourth quarters up 1.5%. we had somewhat inexplicable increase in federal spending,
12:35 pm
and then in q3. q4 was pulled down by the fact federal government spending was at 8.5%. there is a lot of things temporary practice that attracted q3 and q4. if you look at the average growth rate of 1.5%, that's pretty much carried what is happening in the economy. dennis: still only about 60 points away from 14,000, does it surprise you at the lackluster reaction? if the fed maybe would stop those bond quantitative easing this sometime soon, with these numbers make the numbers not do that, and should the stocks be up if that was true? >> i don't think that they stop the open-ended qe anytime soon. one reason is numbers like we saw this morning on the economy.
12:36 pm
it really has been a break between the performance of the financial market and the economy. for quite some time here. it doesn't necessarily reflect the fact they have done qe helping the performance of risk assets including the stock market. dennis: you have to hope the gap in there. the gdp number better than expected, what did you think? >> it was pretty close to what i think people were looking for, and we will see a payroll number on friday in the ballpark of that, maybe a little less. 170,000. you can't really use a vp is a great barometer of the month-to-month changes because periodically it changes the rug out from under you. but that is a good indication of what is happening in the markets generating jobs, maybe a little bit faster than before. nothing like any of us wants to
12:37 pm
see. dennis: thank you for being with us. good day, sir. cheryl: bad news for toyota after regaining the title of top automaker, the recall 1.3 million vehicles globally. 1 million of those are here in the u.s. 750,000 corolla have problems with their airbags improperly inflating and nearly 402,006 402,006-2012 lexus ief models are being recalled for a wiper that is not working properly. not a big impact as you can see, but not doing much. we will see how this plays out. dennis: and more nightmares for the dreamliner ahead in the "west coast minute." cheryl: and super commercial
12:38 pm
bowl. what you can expect from the big day. dennis: blackberry ceo talking to shibani joshi at the top of the hour talking candidly of how it plans to regain the market share and revive the struggling company. an interview you cannot miss. meanwhile, a look at the 10-year treasuries.
12:39 pm
♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
12:40 pm
the fox business will have complete coverage of the fed policies at 2:15 eastern time. i first acquire is officially dead. figures have blasted the $7 billion bid to acquire the debt company saying the merger would have reduced competition in 15 eu countries did in earnings from facebook after the market closes today. the company gains in the way from products and services. facebook expected to point to traction in mobile and ads. that is the latest from the fox business network hitting the
12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
cheryl: get ready, super bowl kickoff is four days away and that means the most anticipated commercial of the year are upon us. here with a first look at the commercials they will be talking about, but it's always great to see you. i feel like we have a super bowl date you and i. so you are doing it again, another year of user generated commercials. last year you give away how much money? >> $2 million. the newspaper and the online. unbelievable. cheryl: let's take a look at this. going to facebook, the original doritos girl. >> we launched her career 15 years ago. cheryl: i know. she will help promote the
12:43 pm
commercials. you have five finalists. we will start looking at the commercials. right here, what is this one? >> very smart little girl, road chip, all about what she will do for her doritos. dennis: fashionista daddy. >> he will dress up for her. and look at this dress up. cheryl: that is terrifying. let's check out another one. in fact, another one. last year animals was a big piece. >> and this year we have a goat. cheryl: it has been a rough year for pepsico. do you get the payoff? >> i really do.
12:44 pm
it is not just the cost of a super bowl ad. this is a program that runs for six months did we launched in september, going through february. would have done for the doritos brand over the seven years we have done it, has done a tremendous thing to build that reputation. cheryl: obviously you're with frito-lay, the drink business, athus he always takes the top spot in the ad meter. let's talk about what the winners will get. they will work with michael bay. >> we have two spots in the super bowl. whichever does better will get to work with michael bay. if either of them wins the top spot, you get a million dollars. cheryl: i know one of the things on fox business was talking about trying to change the perception fast food versus good food. how do you feel that it's going to years later? >> it is about fun and they want
12:45 pm
help. you want a portfolio that offers both. one of the things is when it comes to our brand, we will always do the right thing. we will take a sodium out and make sure the ingredients are all natural. but you want to celebrate the taste, the right for folio product. pepsi max, giving people choices when they want them. cheryl: everybody is up in arms about soda drinks. after calorie counts and fat content. going after you, going after snack foods. how do you confront that? >> you have to make sure people understand everything you do with nutrition is about your choices. if you love the great taste of frito-lay scum you can get it in bake
12:46 pm
that is what it is all about. cheryl: you will have a new credos produced. >> of those five spots one will be consumer chosen and one will be chosen by us. cheryl: thank you. cannot wait for the commercials on sunday. thank you, ann. dennis: also a little football going on. cnn is in turmoil and former cnbc chief is that sh the cause. the managing editor resigned. commentator also recruiting. more change ahead. and look at this pop. amazon stock up 5%, was up 10% earlier today, despite a 45% drop in net income in the fourth quarter. one reason, ebook are now i'm
12:47 pm
all tied billion dollars business. as hardback sales rose by 12% in december. amazon is outgrown the industry. let me have a chart on this. ebook soared 36% at 7 million. ebooks in the entire industry of two almost 1.2 billion. now let's talk youtube, all but invented user generated video with millions of users posting billions of videos for anyone to watch free of charge. now reporting youtube will start charging $1 up to $5 per month to watch some popular channels on the site. youtube sold to google, that price today looks kind of cheap. cheryl: passing a quarter until today. we have the story of the day, it will be all day, where we close, nicole, and what the clothes looks like. nicole: that is right.
12:48 pm
we will see if we break the highs we seem to be setting. the dow and the s&p breaking 52-week highs. going right into that group. small-cap, the financials, we focused so much on track and dow 14,000. let's look at the financials. 4719. goldman sachs at 147 and change. morgan stanley also with an up arrow. after having the number one performer in 2012, also want to check in on another mover. that is our top story, research in motion. blackberry to be more specific down 6% on the day of the launch of the blackberry can we have all been waiting for certainly. cheryl: nicole, thank you very much. dennis: it is not a very merry christmas for las vegas casinos. reasons ahead in your "west coast minute."
12:49 pm
cheryl: why you may have more money in your pocket than the entire treasury of the african nation of zimbabwe. seriously. dennis: take a look at today's winners on the nasdaq. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity option.. evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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cheryl: it is time for your "west coast minute." u.s. regulator's have asked seattle plane maker boeing for more data on the lithium ion lin batteries. the replace a battery several times before the january fire in
12:53 pm
boston charging problems, connection problems and complete failure cost the airline to switch off the battery at least 10 times. all this been revealed. boeing is up currently $0.84. watch the stock earnings after the bell. lot of pressure involved on shares of boeing. the department of defense and nasa are california testing a new type of aircraft that can access remote areas of the world that right now are not accessible. the limp like kraft could move more cargo than modern planes. taking food, supplies to disaster areas. 35 money in dollars has been spent so far on it. it looks like las vegas and not have a merry christmas. a drop in passengers arriving and departing from the city. 3.2 million passengers used the vegas airport last month, a drop from december of 2011.
12:54 pm
and that is your "west coast minute." dennis p. at dennis: let's turn back to that shocker on the gdp shrinking in the fourth quarter. cheryl: we have main street perspective. jeff: something easy and no other network, what is main street really thinking about these numbers. i am one main street. this is a shop called marseilles, a unique place. i will tell you why in just a moment. tallying up the trillions in stimulus that has led to this gdp number. there was a kkr report last we week, $7.7 trillion worth of stimulus. if you look at everything from qb which is almost off of our chart listing this program, fannie freddie bailout, operation twist, go down the line $7.7 trillion. if you total it up compared to last year's gdp almost 50%.
12:55 pm
if you're a small business owner, you are not opposed to that figure because you think it is finally having some impact. cheryl: we definitely see that from our consumers. jeff: sh she was a c. c. o. a dn of united health care. you have been the corporate side most of your life and now look at this economy through the eyes of a small business owner. cooking classes, we see them in progress back there. give me a sense of the economy from your perspective. >> we see a little bit of optimism. we see people going through expanding in their homes so they need new things for the kitchen, more entertaining. jeff: does today's gdp number match what you are seeing? >> no, the production does not match what we are seeing. i see a large increase in holiday spending and even january. jeff: small business owners tend to be optimistic but jill has
12:56 pm
spent most of her time in the corporate world, so she is used to being honest. and she says gdp is better than what we are seeing. that is main street. dennis: an economist might agree with her. thank you, jeff flock. cheryl: are you worried about your bank account? at least you're not the country of zimbabwe. after paying worker salaries last week, the finance minister says zimbabwe has $217 left in all of its public accounts. $217. the finances are a mes in a mesf the economy went to freefall the beginning of last decade not all bad news, the economy projected to grow by 5%, but really $217? the sad thing is zimbabwe is supposedly a great place to go on vacation, it is a beautiful country, supposedly. dennis: would you rather have
12:57 pm
zimbabwe with $217 in the bank or somebody like this who borrows everything. tomorrow our fox business all-star panel as the dow pushes toward the all-time high, maybe. sandra smith, charles payne and david asman tomorrow on what is next. right here tomorrow, don't miss it. cheryl: what is in a name? an interview you don't want to miss. talking to the blackberry ceo on his struggling company changing the company's name, possibility of a buyout, don't miss that interview. dennis: and chasing 14,000 mark on the dow. and how to play safe haven like maybe silver. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money?
12:58 pm
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